Hey! A beautiful Saturday evening, Saint! I’m having a good day, balling in this gift of righteousness and abundance of grace in CHRIST. How’s it at your end dear Saint?

I’ve got something to whet your appetite, while we await the next part of the series we just started, ‘Our Love Walk’.

Recently, I shared some words with a friend who was travelling outside the shores of Nigeria; these words are my daily confessions. I felt she needed them. I also did plead that she says them out daily. Today, I feel you need them too. These words reflect the core, heart and spirit of my privileged knowledge in the mysteries and riches of CHRIST.

So, be my guest! Let’s confess these words:

By faith I believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

Therefore, I am born of God, and I have overcome the world.

I am of God; for greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

I am born of the living Word of God which lives and abides forever, and of the Eternal Spirit of God.

Therefore, I have the God-life.

God dwells in my inside.

I have the life of God in me; I have eternal life.

The very life that makes God, God.

I’m a new creation in CHRIST just like CHRIST.

As He is, so am I in this world!

I am Divine!

I and God are partners; we share the same life.

I’m in CHRIST in whom dwells all the fullness of God bodily.

This means I’m in the fullness of God.

I have the fullness of God!

I have grace for grace, abundant grace!

I’m joined together with the LORD Jesus CHRIST, and I’m one spirit with God.

I’m a partaker of the Divine Nature; I’m an associate of the God-kind.

I’m the righteousness of God in CHRIST; I have no consciousness of sin in me!

I am God’s body; God is my life!

Whatever can’t be found in God can’t be found in me.

I am one with CHRIST, inseparable!

On earth I represent Him; In Heaven He represents me!

I bear on me and in me the image of the Heavenly; I’m from above; Heaven is in me; I am Heaven on earth; my realities are that of Heaven; I’m not an earthling; I’m Heavenly; Heaven is at work in me!

God’s Kingdom is at work in me!

Life is at work in me!

There’s no death in my space!

I have the light of life!

I am the light of the world!

I am led by the Spirit; I’m not confused!

I’m a quickening spirit, not just a living soul.

I’m of the lineage of CHRIST, not Adam’s.

My life is beautiful.

My life is glorious.

My life is colourful.

My life is perfect.

My life is a bed of roses.

My life is sweet.

My life is excellent.

I am Royalty.

Glorious thing are spoken of me.

Lines fall for me in pleasant places; I’m highly favoured.

Nothing is too good for me to have!

Nothing can stop my success.

I’m royal.

I’m rich in CHRIST.

I have Divine Health.

My body is quickened, made alive and revitalised by the Spirit of God in me.

I am Abraham’s seed, and a heir according to the promise; I’m a heir of God, and a Joint-Heir with CHRIST.

Therefore, the world and everything in it is mine for the propagation of the gospel of CHRIST.


There is more! You could add to these. I see you living victoriously. GLORRRRRAAAAAYYYYY!

Nonso Ndubuisi

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