Hey friends! I’ve missed us all, really. But good a thing we’ve resumed business today. Today, on our love walk series, I will be sharing some eternal truths I picked up in my spirit while praying this afternoon. I got to know of a song by Jeannine Zoe, feauturing Frank Edward, titled  ‘I’m so in love with you’ through a friend, and I went on to download it (You could go check it out too). Honestly, that song made me pray like I’ve never prayed in a long while. So, as I prayed and pondered on the lyrics of the song, I picked up certain revelations, which I have the liberty to interprete with the following words (please see them as God talking to you):

Take pride in the fact that I love you.

I choose to love you. It’s my will to love you.

I have a will of my own.

I can’t be influenced, cajoled, threatened, pressurised or compelled to act out of my will.

This means my will to love you is my will to love you.

I was not under any obligation to love you until I made loving you my obligation.

I could have willed otherwise.

But I willed to love you.

You should find security and self-esteem in this .

That you’re worthy of my contemplation.

That I chose you.

I am love; I mean, that’s all of me.

I mean, all I do is love.

Every expression of myself is love.

I do what I do, but you manage to give it a name – ‘love’.

For me, I’m just being me.

For you, I’m just loving you.

Whichever way you see it,

Whatever name you call it,

Just know that when I thought of who to do me with, at the very beginning,

I thought of you.

Love is me doing me ‘with’ or ‘to’ a man.

I am the walk.

I am the love walk.

If you want to walk in love, just do me to others.

Do to them all that I have done to you.

I love you. Love them too.

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