Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to THE POWER AT WORK IN US… (Ephesians 3: 20, KJV.)

Hey dearly beloved of God! What’s good? Been a while, right? Please, I apologise for my prolonged absence on this space.

Now, that we’re done with the apology stuff, let’s get down to business.

Hello! Do you know there is a POWER at work in you? That’s what the passage above tells us. This being the case, it then means you are not powerless. You should henceforth, stop all the prayers you’ve been making, asking God for power. You are praying the wrong kind of prayer. You have all that tangible power you seek right inside you by the Holy Spirit. How do I know this? See what Acts 1: 8 says:

But ye shall receive POWER, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you… (KJV.)

You see that? First, the coming of the Spirit upon us births power inside of us; secondly: we are to receive this power when the Holy Spirit comes on us. Now, the question is, have the Holy Spirit come upon on us? Of course, yes, otherwise we are not believers; His coming on us is to baptise us into Christ by His washing of regeneration and renewal. (We shall deal with this subject of baptism some other time.) Therefore, if the Spirit has come on us, then there is power in us; begging that we receive it; begging that we lay hold of it.


The power at work in us is the same as that which God exhibited when He raised the LORD Jesus Christ from the dead (Ephesians 1: 19, 20), because by virtue of same resurrection, we were quickened and raised from being dead in trespasses and sin, to being alive in CHRIST, and seated together with Him in Heavenly places (Ephesians 2: 1, 5, 6). In other words, we could say, the power at work in us is as mighty as the resurrection power, and this power is by and of the Spirit of God. See again, Romans 8: 11:

But if the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, HE THAT RAISED UP CHRIST FROM THE DEAD SHALL QUICKEN YOUR MORTAL BODIES BY HIS SPIRIT THAT DWELLETH IN YOU. (KJV.)

The quickening of our mortal bodies by the Spirit of Him that raised Christ from the dead, which dwells in us, signifies, that, there is tangible power generated by the same Spirit in us, toward that end. We could therefore, interprete the same passage this way: Just as Christ was raised from the dead by the Spirit of God, we shall be made alive in our bodies by the same Spirit, if the same Spirit dwells in us.

And the truth is, the same Spirit dwells in us! Imagine the power working inside of us. Glory!

Lastly, if this power in us is by the Spirit, then we would be right to say, that, the power in us is as mighty as that which God exhibited in the beginning. See Genesis 1: 1 – 2. The Bible records there, the operation of the Spirit, before God started calling forth things that be not as though they were. What reality in us! Glory! The same power generated and exhibited by God through His Spirit in the beginning, which restored order to a chaotic earth, is the same power at work in us today by that same Spirit in us.

Tomorrow, we shall see how we could put this power to work. Hallelujah!

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